“I bought a djembe from Camden Market in the early 2000s. I played it a lot and it holds a lot of emotional value for me. In December 2022 the skin split (more exploded really….). To top it off I was due to be playing it on stage at the end of the month. Thankfully disaster was avoided as not only were Highland Djembes able to supply me with a loan djembe (which was so lovely I ended up buying it), but also give my old one a new lease of life.

This older djembe looked its age: not only was the skin obliterated but the rope was frayed and the wooden structure had ample dings and scratches on it. I’m happy to say that all was not lost. I spoke with Bran and he has given this drum a new lease of life, in fact, it’s like new and I am sure I’ll get another 20+ years of enjoyment out of it.

Happy days!”

James Slaughter

“What a gift to have Bran based in The Highlands to do drum repairs, reskinning or retuning. He has revamped a surdo, reskinned many djembes and even a kpanlogo drum to make them sing again.

Skilled and meticulous attention to detail, I highly recommend Highland djembes. “

Carol Scorer
Drumming teacher and Storyteller
Trade with a friend

My good friend Henry has given me some locally sourced (prepared by himself) cow skins in exchange for me refurbishing his old Djembe

Upgrade for Jo

Jo came to me with a Toco drum she has customised with her own pyrography design but was not happy with the sound. As you can see in the lower image these drums come with a paper thin and loosely fitted skin giving a poor sound. So with some fresh rope and a premium goat skin from Mali this little Djembe was re skinned and finished sounding fantastic.